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>CAN boot directly to saturn game in daijisho with yaba sanshiro standalone, something that I couldn't do on any other device
>can't boot directly to dreamcast game in daijisho with flycast standalone, something that i could do on every other device
what kind of contrarian meme image of android is anbernig using?

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Speaking of Saturn, has anyone been able to get the Saturn versions of DOA and Nekketsu Oyako to actually boot on a RK3566 handheld? I've tried everything I can think of any nothing has worked. DOA is probably going to run like shit anyways but still.

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Why do all retro games have such bad graphics?

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So I've more or less given up on the idea of a "perfect" handheld. The closest thing in my mind is something akin to a RP3+, but with the ability to play PC/indie games ala Odin 2 or something, but there are too many random things (button placement, overall size, etc.) that keep me from pulling the trigger.

What seems more realistic to me is to look for something that can handle streaming my own PC games via Moonlight, or whatever other preferred program, and trying that out instead. Personally, I the RP3+ purple is my favorite looking handheld no contest, but I don't like the price.

That all said, I was wondering how well Moonlight/whatever works on the Trimui Smart Pro and the Anbernic Arcs. It sounds silly, sure, but I like their form factor, D-pads look good, love the six button layout for the Arc, don't care whether or not I have a joystick (mostly), etc.

Are either of those two fit for running Moonlight?

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