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>Thinks 90s PC gaming was better than 90s console gaming because he paid 10x as much to do it.

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So the question today gents, is who wants to remake DF2 and MOTS w/ functioning online in Darkplaces?

I mean it wouldn't be -quite- the same. Drazen Isle would probably be doable but space soldiers 3 not so much...

where you at oldschool massassibros?

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Right, I misclicked. Sorry.

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I've just started using RetroArch. Whoever says it has a bad interface is stupid.

Whoever has any problems with it is stupid. On Linux it takes some configuring, but on Windows it outright works out of the fucking box, and if you still have problems adjusting to minor differences (not really deficiencies), you must be of lower than normal intelligence. It doesn't take much cleverness to use RA, but, yeah, it requires at least a moderate amount of general modest wit. If you don't have that, that's too bad.

No go and say I'm the programmer from the team. I've found out about him from threads on /vr/ (I never even knew about RA itself before /vr/) and I agree with every single word he reportedly said. I've been looking for a stable emulator on Linux for a while, RA suits my needs perfectly on both it and Android, but the Windows version that I've tried recently actually has everything pre-installed and pre-configured and just werks - what the fuck kind of problem anyone with half a brain could have with THAT is forever beyond me, period.

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He's grossly disregarded factual accuracy for effect. His journalistic or historic integrity is nil.

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