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Sprite thread. Good animation encouraged.

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Elena is fucking creepy.

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And BTW I'm not baiting or memeing or anything, just honestly curious.

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I want to FUG Elena

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What makes you think I care what your opinion of her is?

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I can dig that. To me SF was always ugly, so ugly faces fit what I think of for the series. There's something about SF2 in particular I always really disliked the look of, but that's just me being picky.

And I agree on III. Love the animation quality and the backgrounds, but character designs are way hit and miss. Elana rocks my world though.

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>What was the reaction to Sean?

In what sense? I remember him being thought of as lame because of being another shoto clone and in my experience people didn't use him much. But I've also never paid a ton of attention to people's opinions on SF.

III seemed to be a disappointment when it came out, but it's ironically the only one I liked much. A lot of that is just because of the animations though.

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I hadn't heard it but doesn't surprise me at all. 3 had a fuck ton of work put into it, it's still got some of the best sprite animation ever. Given the leap in quality even from Alpha 3 I'm not surprised it cost them an arm and a leg.

At the same time, that was the darkest period for fighters. Arcades were dying out but online hadn't taken over yet. Meanwhile the PS1 had been so bad for ports that it killed a lot of the home fanbase as well.

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For me it's a toss up between SaGa Frontier 2 and SF: Third Strike.

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They're just totally different. Fighters aren't any more about button presses than shooters are. That's just how you interact with the environment.

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Sprites without question. But I think the bar is higher with sprites, it's harder to make them look amazing.

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Multiplayer games do ultimately have higher skill ceilings than single player ones. Human competition can't be matched by a computer and that's what puts playing something like a pvp fighting game above single player ones like shmups or beat em ups.

Both at high levels of play require excellent reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination down to frame-counting timing. But one is almost entirely about memorization of patterns. Where as the other is a very complex interaction of two highly skilled players going at each other and relying on strategy and mind games on top of having to have reflexes and coordination.

Which is why over the course of time fighting games are a much bigger genre than the old skill based single player games. Fighters are amazing though. They're one of the only genres that's barely changed.

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Couldn't have put it better myself. People nowadays think 2D = cheap indie game to buy during steam sale. It's ridiculous. I actually think Third Strike looks better than SF4.

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Actually now that I think about it, I don't know if he had the extra low defense in Super Turbo. I know he does in the HD remix, but that might be because he's like that normally now.

Q's alright, I like Elena a lot better though.

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