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>Always feel like I struggle with making tech-base maps look interesting, texture wise; the STAR textures feel too bland and it can feel difficult to get certain textures to mesh well together
>Decide to go through episode 1 to study some of the texture choices and take note on certain things Romero did to give the levels that unique feel
>Realize there were a lot of odd and unorthodox texture uses
>Marble flats for ceilings, as early as the armor room in e1m1; low brick ceilings that have upper edges using computer-based wall textures (ie, the computers are built into the brick ceiling); computer system panels used for ceilings in some odd places; more frequent use of the TEK wall textures (one I'm not comfortable with using often, same with the more "realistic" looking cement wall textures); and the most noticeable choice, the toxic waste ceiling of e1m8
>Never really noticed any of this (besides e1m8) before until I took a moment to really look at every wall and ceiling texture, all of it just kinda blended together because I was never really paying that much attention to it
Now I'm curious about other odd texture choices that were made in later episodes.

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