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No Thief thread? Sad.
It's time for the comfiest thread on all of 4channel.

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After only 4 fan missions I'm already starting to get sick of them.

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>His 'witty' post reveals he doesn't understand why people say to avoid normal
You should stop giving advice to new players.

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What's the point of FMs if I can't hear Garrett make quips?

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Good lord that looks bad.

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Anyone else notice how the Dark Mod's movement feels way off? It's like unreal/unty games but nowhere near as bad.

Why can't we be like the chad doom/build faggots and not have these retarded arguments.

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Why are you picking on Garrett?

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I still remember that fucking basement with the button. I legit cried.

curiosity killed the anon

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As much as I like this mod and all the new and updated features that it has to offer, the fact that devs were not allowed to base it on the Thief universe is off-putting to me.

Also, it's not coming to Steam, isn't it?

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God damnit, you finaly get the itch to actually play some new FM's, and then the site is down for what feels like a week. Anyone know what's up with the site? Saw someone further up also mention the fact it seems to be dead, so not just me apparently.

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I don't talk. Nobody should talk over Stephen Russell. My upload of Bafford's is almost done. I'll post the link when it is.

>mfw I just died in the Bonehoard
>after getting the Horn and Soul
>fell to my death in the magic missile shaft in the Heart dungeon

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>mfw no qt German taffer GF

>mfw no local taffer BFF
>mfw no local taffers whatsoever
>mfw no friends who like sneeki breeki games

I suppose it's true that it's no easy thing to see a taffer. Especially one who does not wish to be seen.

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