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Runahead is the most artificial and destructive to accuracy thing yet in emulation, if you can't figure that out then you should probably STFU.

And even still if you don't mind adjusting the runahead on a per-game basis, game/controls feeling all wrong and skipped frames of animation, emulators in best-case scenarios will have at minimum 5ms lag + controller lag + CPU scheduling buffer lag + OS background/overhead processing lag + display lag landing you way the fuck off from anything resembling accuracy of playing the games on real hardware.

I know you're poor but don't try to stop others enjoying quality experiences you're not willing to spend a modicum of accumulated spare cash on.

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>need to S-rank all sub-missions on all levels to unlock green hill zone

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>varying amounts of lag is your definition of viable
>I'm a quasi luddite diehard who sincerely believes that:
>1. no core is lag free, or even playable to a remotely satisfactory degree.
>2. this device is the gaming platform that will never be updated as to suit my gaming needs/quash my unrelenting autistic screeching.

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>everything that was starting up again killed off by $new_variant spreading like oil over water
Wash, rinse, repeat.

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It's literally just a platformer.

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it's almost like it's hard for zoomers to go back to old games. who would have thought?

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Anon from
Finally got the Sword of Kings...
My Party is Level 98...

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months and months of low IQ trolling with no end in sight

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It started way before that.

>Sega System
>Mario Madness

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Not really a scalp story, but probably is:
>be me
>13 or so
>mom sees game on craigslist garage sale ad
>mom calls
>they have a couple zelda games in the box
>zelda 1, lttp, and oot, I believe
>They are not sniped, so mom takes it
>3 boxed zeldas locked in
>hell yeah
>we go
>when we arrive the lady says some guy basically came early, threw money, and took the games
>cool husband says i can pick from these other games

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I don't wanna make a MOD.

How do I just make the sprites of jews and other minorities so /vr/ makes a pol doom mod?

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Looks like the jannies aren't allowing GCCX threads any more. The one I made yesterday got deleted. I'll probably be banned for this post. See you all on the other side.

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>play bg 2
>finish a couple major quest
>want to restart with another class

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>boring stoic "never be genuine ever" ultramodern internet irony culture
I expect better from this board. /v/ really is invading /vr/.

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I'd really like to find a workaround for unrealed 3 on win10
I'm just placing some weapons on a tam map and I'm about to kill myself
and I'm also seeing that I will have to rebuild the bot pathing

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>get off work, get home, shitpost
>feel a undeserved sense of vindication


ok,... my question for (You) is , what brand performed the best in your estimation? I feel like you're explicitly avoiding giving a straight answer.

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>5 years til league of legends is considered "retro"

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Can we just have a normal Castlevania thread for once?

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>Every game just feels like a lootgrind rollercoaster.

Yeah I agree. PoE, D3, Grim dawn and even Torchlight to a lesser extent, end up going too far into "blow up whole screen in 1 second and collect drops". It's just too much. PoE and D3 are the biggest culprits by far, what awful fucking late game they become eventually.

At least in D2 that was relatively reigned in, with only the sorc and javazon going too far. Tbh if you remove the Sorc and the zons OP light skills, the game would be entirely different when it comes to balance. For the better, I would argue.

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So I can consistently get 2 LK runs a minute with the Barb, will you stop being a fuckwit now or do I have to start doing back flips too?

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I think his brain is too scrambled to put together a scripted review at this point. I'd be totally fine if he did short vlogs or something like that to slowly get back into his old workflow but even that seems out of reach now. The streams aren't helping, they're a band-aid solution that makes him feel he accomplished something when all he does is point a camera at himself while playing a game, barely talking and revelling in his depression.

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>pd fags come into thread not even related to their game, alienate everyone by being elitist and abrasive, completely derail the thread before commencing to give each other virtual handjobs over pd features that no one cares about

this is why pdfags are despised

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>Water Level Maymay

Is it even a meme or stereotype if it is 100% true? Water/sewer levels are just so tiresome and overdone and few gamers enjoyed them in the 80s or the decades that followed.

>valves or switches to raise or lower water levels to reach a chest or ladder
>fast flowing water resulting in one way travel
>plumbing puzzles involving rotating tubes to re-route water
>poison enemies
>Swimming with chance of drowning when exploring deep pools or long underwater corridors
>excessive amount of backtracking due to mechanics mentioned above

These levels are not even hard in most cases. They are like a big time waster that the developers put a lot of work into for reasons unknown.

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