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>Similar controller layout
>Slot at the top of the controller for inserting portable memory cards. Sort of VMU-ish in a way.
>Strong focus on Xbox Live from Microsoft, just like how Sega was proud of the Dreamcast's built-in 56k modem
>Microsoft and Sega originally wanted the Xbox to be able to play Dreamcast games, but this fell through.
>Continuation of Tecmo and Team Ninja games. Dead or Alive 3 and Ultimate have a very clean Sega-like visual style thanks to their Naomi origins. Ninja Gaiden reboot started development on Dreamcast.
>Lots of very Dreamcast-feeling western games like Indigo Prophecy, Fable (which started development on the Dreamcast), MechAssault, Psychonauts, Oddworld games, Voodoo Vince etc. Plus a lot of very mediocre sports and racing exclusives with a real early 2000s arcade aesthetic.

And most importantly:
>A lot of Sega games which started development on the Dreamcast ended up coming exclusively to the Xbox. Crazy Taxi 3, Jet Set Radio Future, ToeJam & Earl III, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue II, Gunvalkyrie etc. Otogi wasn't meant for the Dreamcast as far as I know but that game rocks too.

If the Xbox didn't have Halo and good ports of PC games, /v/ would be jerking off over it's failure and the great Japanese hidden gems that made up its library.

A lot the original Xbox's big hitters like Kotor, Halo, and Morrowind are readily available on PC where they'll give you a far better experience than on console. But for any Sega or Team Ninja/Tecmo fan, the original Xbox has a lot to check out and enjoy. Some of the Japanese Microsoft Game Studios stuff is worth a look too, like Blinx or Phantom Dust. I'm not saying it's a gold mine of hidden gems, because a lot of it is just "alright" but that's true of the Dreamcast deep cuts too. I love the Xbox and the Dreamcast.

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Based console is based. Just got a Japanese "Smoke Skeleton" from ebay, soft-modded with removed capacitor and new everything else.

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It had a little something for everybody.

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Great console with usually the best multiplat console versions and interesting exclusives.

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They're pretty much the same console even down to the controller and emphasis on online/multiplayer play. Xbox got games that were slated for Dreamcast if it didn't die early.

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Uh huh.

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Goddamnit I just want to talk about muh ecksbawx games. Guess I'll fuck off to /v/.

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