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if i don't get around to it, the gist of crits is to shoot center mass to deal more damage, though a couple enemies are different
using melee optimally requires a crazy amount of inputs that i mostly don't bother with, but the damage is calculated from movement speed and direction, camera movement, footing, and landing a headshot
generally, sprinting towards your opponent and swinging the camera as you punch their head is good enough

those are mine and they're pretty outdated already
the monster one isn't so bad, but i'd like to go into more detail than what suits a meme image and be able to show things off in action
plus i've already learned new things like the exact details of cyberdemon aiming

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The trick is spinning. It's a good one.

I really don't know how that happened. My best guess is that since punches can alter enemy angles, they all got applied at once when he revived so he spent a while spinning around at a crazy rate.

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you really have to be right up against the hitbox
as long as you get green sparks you're landing hits, it won't make a noise unless you land a particularly high-damage punch and it won't trigger pain unless it's a headshot

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