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I only recognized a few of the mappers names as veterans in the community. Can't say that I've been very active in playing new map packs over the years but oh well. The idea of this project (over all iterations) seemed to be to welcome new mappers into the fray and then the project leader would help brush away any glaring faults or balance issues with help and feedback from any willing testers. Then again, no one got left out. Hardcore UV enthusiasts and all.
3 days to finish a map on JoM 5. Pretty crazy. Obviously worked out to some degree but I'm gonna have to admit that the whole pack is all over the place. Some times incredibly easy. Other times the complete opposite.
I'm planning on playing all of the JoM packs after I eventually fight my way through E3. Can't leave E4 out but by the sound of things I won't be getting very far.

I like JoM 5 as a whole but progression and difficulty really is all messed. Should probably try it without pistol start at some point but that'll be far off in the future.
(Christ, what a messy post this is.)

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