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quad damage for sure, id rather be shooting things for more damage than punching them for more, even if it doesnt last as long

no because in doom when the mapsize is reduced it means you cant have as many features or textures, the size is uncapped but invariably for the map to be worth a shit to even play it must have some moderate amount of detail to it, like Plutonia Experiment or thereabouts.
You would end up with very small (as in real estate) levels with borderline crappy details, a fairly low monster count... and generally replicating the effect of 90s shovelware wads.
> this is not something worth investing effort or time into
It is not a useful design challenge.

I might be convinced by a 256kb limit as long as it was also "no single area larger than 512x512"

I stick to my guns that we need a 1024 Extended tournament.
> its actually 1536x1536
> but no single area can be larger than 1024x1024
> it sounds better than the 1536 tournament that we had before and it prevents a big box of emptiness.

> doom
> the movie, the game, the room

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tickle his feet

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