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Super Metroid came out in '94

You can go with DOOM, or if you really want a game from Nintendo you can go with Star Fox, Link's Awakening or Super Mario All-Stars

There's also some other good shit from 1993 too, SimCity 2000, Sonic CD, Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max.

Just some info from someone born in 1993 as well.

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Its simple

>Peach writes and sends letter to Mario about cake
>In the time it takes for the letter to be sent, Peach is baking the cake
>Bowser looks at his watch and says 'Oh shit, its Peach o' Clock!' and storms her castle
>Bowser eats the cake Peach had made for Mario then proceeds to lock Peach away in the stained glass above the entrance to the castle
>Mario arrives
>game starts

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