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Not him, but in my pic you can see a Chad, and these games were score based where you couldn't continue.

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>Can we have a [thread] thread?
What is this wave of cucks infiltrating everything, who are so beta, they have to ASK if we can please have a thread? Just fucking announce the thread you fucking retarded soy loving faggot. Fuck you OP

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Me in the center

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OP is back.

Man this thread turned into some kind of existential discussion.

I didn't say it at first, but you all are interpreting my question wrong. It was not meant as how I can make the experience AROUND playing games better. I meant it more like how can I get more out of a single game and possibly apply that to other games.

For example, I played Ranger X for the first time a few months ago. I can see that it is a georgeous game and I had fun playing it. For most thet would suffice, but I'm trying to find more in that specific game: how many layers of scrolling, how is transparency handled, are there 3D illusions, is there sprite rotation, how many layers does the music have, is the pacing good and so on. Really dissecting the game and experiencing what is so great about it, like with art.

Like some suggested, watching trailers, developer interviews, reading the manual, wathing reviews and such is the right way. But what should I look out for while in game? What is stuff that I can see if I'm not just playing it?

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