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90's for the titles, new genres (birth of FPS, RTS etc) and general better hardware.

2000's for the tech itself (internet, HD, superproductions).

But, in general, 90's > 2000's because of the nostalgia fact + good anarchy vibes from that time.

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I'm trying to make a list of the 50 definitive pre-2000 / retro games that are generally accepted as either "must play" or "most important" to gaming. Things the game journos might have a hard-on for. I made a list of what came to mind, but could use suggestions and some help culling the list down to 50.

I do understand a number of these games have either sequels that are better, or similar but more obscure titles that are also better. I'm not looking to necessarily include those. I'm looking mostly for what defines that era.

I'm hoping to play them all and give an honest review of each is why I'm asking.

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Any nice youtube channels dedicated to old games? E.g. https://www.youtube.com/user/Kikoskia

inb4 mainstream stuff like MetalJesus or something like that

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