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Heres a comparison image showing distant surface textures using no mipmaps (gl_texturemode 1) and linearly interpolated mipmaps (gl_texturemode 3), and using no anisotropic texture filtering (gl_texture_anisotropy 1) and some very heavy filtering (gl_texture_anisotropy 16)

just using linear mipmaps (bottom left) makes for a very blurry floor, which is not the case in original software quake that we're aiming to imitate here. No mipmaps and no filtering (top left) is a shimmery headache with detail distortion (edges of bricks get less distinct). Software quake admittedly would be almost as big a headache as well at these resolutions, but it wouldn't be quite that bad on the detail distoriton since it did perform strict distance-based mipmapping. The right hand two, with the anisotropic texture filtering, eliminate most of the shimmer and don't get blurry. I usually skip the linear mipmaps since the benefit they bring is so small after you apply the anisotropic filtering to remove the gl blurring.

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