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>giving Randy extra coke money

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>finishing Shores of Hell for the first time
>oh shit there's the fucking Cyberdemon
>he just struts back and forth in the room he starts in while I put 100 rockets down his throat

He can leave that room right? I felt like I cheesed the fuck out of it and kinda bad.

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All the rage in the comments is about how the mod says it's "RTX", despite having the same md5 hash than the common obviously non-RTX GZDoom (also the d4-remake stole assets). He (vasyan777/doom-rtx) answers in broken english by telling they are bigots and homophobes for bashing his mod, lmao clown world.

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>That damn video, lmao.

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>posting wojak
posting green text dissent

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Will slowly drain your health down to 1 and then it wears off. Stims and medpacks still give health but the effect does not go away. Soul-/Megasphere stops it.

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>U8 was actually a decent enough game

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>the best game ever made

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>opting out of data survey then getting mad when your specs are among those no longer supported

Conspiracy theorists BTFO

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>op shitposts in an attempt to trigger /vr/
>/vr/ gives logical explanations which make sense


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>ruins the atmosphere

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This and nothing else. Doom 1993 was a quantum leap of such magnitude that it was unprecedented and never seen since. The result of John Carmack in his prime.

Legend has it that his rival from the other 3D gaming company (name escapes me) quit coding for a year after seeing Doom, saying that it's witchcraft

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>Not only is he an idiot that babbles on about illuminati circlejerk conspiracies but he himself creates his own illuminati circlejerk through his retarded actions
>Not only does he flip out over a mole in the server but starts banning innocent people without valid reason over this
>Not only does he clear out his ENTIRE SERVER until it's fucking devoid of life after all these bans
>But we also get to laugh at his retarded sperge out and drama fallout as it happens
This was off-topic as shit but it was worth the laugh, bravo you madman.

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i gave up on BD64 when he added ammo for the chainsaw
seriously, fucking AMMO FOR THE CHAINSAW
fuck that shit
that single handedly killed my interest in BD64

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I do think some enemies like the barons and knights would benefit from unique attacks of their own, but Doom was from some simpler times. Besides, you could cherry pick and point fingers at other games like Duke or Marathon with "x enemy is just y enemy but stronger". Games released later in the 90s have the advantage of better tech and a necessity to stand out from other games.
You two are alright.

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>shit my sides
I chuckled.

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>Implying I can pick my favorite reaction image

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You do know you couldn't jump, crouch, or freelook in vanilla, right?

How many levels have you broken through and spoiled with jumping?

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Sorry that you're a huge faggot

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Fuck this made me laugh

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What mod is that? I've been playing DRPG and DRLA with Requiem so I know it's not that. Have some imps in return.

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