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the aesthetics would be the hardest part to get right. It would have to capture the the "busting up home made buildings with action figures" energy. Here is another criminally mis-managed IP

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This is the best Japanese Acting Auditioner

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Can we talk about how fucking amazing this game is?

The only really negative thing I would say about it is that one of its core battle mechanics becomes a massive hinderance if you use it past halfway into the game. Especially considering into the latter half of the game pretty much every boss battle has something specifically meant to kill dragoons if you use them and if not, has a mechanic built in that makes the fight CONSIDERABLY harder if you do.

But other than that,
>Fucking stunning graphics
>One of the best soundtracks in video game history
>Great battle system
Seriously, I love the addition system. It's one of my favorite parts of this game.
>Awesome story
>Memorable boss battles
>Memorable cut scenes

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