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The second one is even better! Don't bother with Curse though, it's shit that only people blinded with nostalgia would recommend. Guybrush is shallow, the plot is meh, leChuck is a meme, the game itself has something missing: the distinct style, choices, discussions and overall flow, maybe.

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Monkey Island.
Not the best version out there of Woodtick, but then again, you won't find anything near perfection anyway because it's the iMUSE engine that works like a charm, only in-game.

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The secret of Monkey Island will forever be inside the mind of Ron Gilbert, yeah. But at least we had some of the best visuals, laughs and overall experience with these games, the first two are rich of something powerful: is it magic? Nah, it's voodoo! I love it. Gotta replay it once again

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Post tropical themed levels/games.

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> Some puzzles will be hard, but all the puzzles will be fair
Yeah, like that Jojo the Monkey one. Fucking bullshits, lol.

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That monkey wrench shit made me so mad. It made me madder than anything in KQ5.

At least having a face makes you being hit in it with a pie a bad thing, even if you're a yeti. But having to hypnotize a monkey putting a banana on its metronome, picking it up and then having to use it as a tool, around just to make a pun? Fuck that. Still, I enjoyed this game a lot. Great OST, atmosphere and animation, specially on LeChuck and that resurrection sequence. I laughed so hard at that poster on Phatt island that actually updates with all the crimes you have to comit to beat the game. And Woodtick is the comfiest place I've seen in an adventure game so far.

I'm not saying the solutions to every puzzle are not logical, but way too contrived. You're always missing something that turns out to be not THAT obvious and very easily overlooked. How would I have expected to have Guybrush pick up and carry the damn dog? Why would carrying balloons around make Guybrush lighter like that, does it work that way? Was I expected to use the horn on every damn place I could and then think about cheating by PICKING UP the flags? The spitting contest is specially frustrating because every time you come back to it, you feel like you're missing something. I listened to the audio comentary on the spitting contest puzzle and even the creators admited it was too farfetched. I guess this game had a Lite version for a reason.

Again: I really liked the game, but thank God for walkthroughs

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