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>"If you've never played Doom through MS-DOS, on a i486, using a Roland SC-55 chip; then you've never played Doom."

How do you respond?

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I'm gonna play double's advocate for a minute here. Because the chainsaw and ammo systems in the newer dooms revolve around the main focus of those games: The combat. You're rewarded for killing shit by getting ammo to keep killing shit and keep the cycle going. While I dislike how some of those mechanics were handled, the core idea is solid.

In classic Doom, players are rewarded with supplies for doing the main thing those games are about: Navigating the maps, exploring shit and finding secrets. So curious players are rewarded with supplies to keep exploring. I wouldn't put one gameplay loop over the other, they're two different systems and they're both great for what they are.

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>Slavs are all Jews/Hebes under a different name.

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Also Dignity's a good answer

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Can someone recommend me a wad like prodoomer with some sort of campaign, leveling up and tons of stuff?

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How about Funnyjunk or Ebaumsworld?

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I know, I was just using the image to show how fucking late I am

I will after I finish Doom 2, My friend was telling me about 2 so I just started from there. He was telling me about the secrets and showing me the schematics for them.

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Imagine, a Doom WAD where half of the levels are mostly-completely re-skinned to the style popular late 2000s-early 2010s memes,, and all of the default enemies are replaced with emojis, a couple select emoticons(such as :^) and >:(), Robbie Rotten, and Big Smoke(the latter of which takes the place of the Cyberdemon and actually says parts of his order during game-play). Oh, and the chaingun is replaced with an M-16 while the plasma rifle is re-skinned to be less brownish in appearance and now shoots double-underlined red 100s. Well I think it would be interesting. I mean, there's already Simspons WADS and a Tim Allen WAD where his portrait replaces everything.

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Bind alt-fire to RMB or something and do that.

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>buying a Doom game without modding

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