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Those fucking yells never fail to destroy my sides

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Of all the wads to get

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>Graf Zahl (open to ZDoom suggestions and new ideas)

>Edward (improved ZDooms netcode, rumors say he's about to switch to Zandronum)

>Sgt. Mark (introducing kids to Doom. without him, kids nowadays wouldn't even know who the fuck doomguy is)

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where the fuck do you think you are

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Carmageddon, Bedlam, Abe's Oddysee, A+M+O+K, Quake and Quake 2. 1 pound each with their original cases, disks and manuals and even in little bags to keep them all seperate, according to the woman her husband loved the old PC games and played them alot. also had Doom 1 and 2, and Final Doom.

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Holy shit man

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>you have to download an entire unix environment just so you can build his shitty program for windows

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So, BaronOfVR, DKG, whoever.

You made a mod that would fuck with the configs of anyone who ran it beyond the point of recovery, then give them epilepsy and make their ears bleed.
You then proceeded to upload this onto Best-Ever (already deleted) and host a server with thi
s and Ghouls vs Humans. This was obviously to attract players to promptly have their eyes and ears unceremoniously molested by your piece of crap you call a mod.
Meanwhile, both Ijon and Jenova were on #bestever at the time. Ijon knows who you are, and wi
ll investigate you if he hears about you.

Did you honestly see this going well at all?


actor FuckMySettings : CustomInventory
actor IWantEyeCancer : CustomInventory
[lavf] stream 0: audio (vorbis), -aid 0, Terry, be my lover

And you included the source.

Real subtle there

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>Everything seems subjective for ignorant people

the irony of your statement drips from every corner of your post.

enjoy your life of pretending to be better than everyone you meet on the internet.

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dkg pls

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captcha: topl arribra

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summon <monster> in the console

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Hey /vr/, is this worth $200 or am I getting ripped off?

NES games
Bionic Commando $4.00
Dungeon Magic $2.00
Iron Sword $3.00
Shadow of the Ninja $15.00
Shadowgate $4.00
Solstice $10.00
Super Mario Bros 2 $15.00
Super Mario Bros 3 *2 $15.00 Each
Times of Lore $15.00

Sega Master System $60.00
Alex the Kidd in Miracle World (No case) $20.00
Fantasy Zone II $10.00
Golden Axe $10.00
Golvellius $10.00
R Type $7.00
Rampage (No case) $8.00
Rastan $7.00
Spellcaster $5.00
Y's $15.00

Buying together gets me a discount, at $200

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