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cant even fucking see your map layout

>guaranteed replies

lucky cunt. i dont do baal or diablo runs anymore because I only ever get blues and yellows from them. i only do them when i want exp.

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Tryael's isn't it?

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Did the guy from the last thread finish the mod that makes the level 83 areas level 85?

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well what you say is supposed to be true, in one session but resets if you quit to main menu.
also the old days Unique rings used to always drop Nagelring > Manaldheal > SoJ in order, so everyone would just carry the first two rings on them all the time guaranteeing a SoJ every time.

I still hate myself because I got so used to Cathan's/Angel's items dropping that I tossed away an Angel's Amulet thinking I already had one.
Also been playing on my current ladder (I delete all my plugy characters/stash every 6~12 months for fun) for like 5 months now and still not seen a Nagelring or a SoJ. I need both badly.

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MF gives diminishing returns. The difference between 200% MF and 1000% MF is only twice as much unique drops.
I say get 100% MF as soon as you can on a new ladder/reset/plugy account, maybe sit at 200 once you're comfortable.
You need to keep in mind clear speed vs MF too. If it's taking you twice as long to do a Meph run with more MF gear on then it's probably not worth it.
With clear speed in mind, I reckon manually adjust pieces of gear so you're still clearing the runs as fast as possible while wearing the most MF.
MrLlama and Dbrunski have a whole bunch of videos/tutorials on it. Definitely worth checking out.

As for the rest of your post, it honestly depends on whether you're gunna wipe your PC or not. If you're not then just keep running Hell Andy/Meph.
If you're starting fresh best thing you can do is rush to NM to get gear to be able to go through hell.
But that's just my take on it. End of the day you can do whatever you want that's fun for you.
I tried the whole endless Meph/Baal runs thing for gear and while I got some good pieces it just burnt me out so hard.
I made the switch to just doing Mausoleum/Pit/Tunnels instead to farm exp while MFing and it's been much more enjoyable.

Yeah i've been slowly building up some gear for one. No endgame GG drops yet but it looks fun as fuck. Just gunna feel really slow for me cuz I used to always play shitty bowazons when I was a teenager/newb and only recently when I got back into D2 I did a Javazon. Javazon's clear speed is absolutely nuts. If I had an Infinity runeword it'd be my hands-down favorite character.

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>every character I make fucking blazes straight to hell
>often getting to Hell as early as lv50
>one shotting everything
>get to Hell
>fucking immunes fuck me up every damn time
>so called "cheap" runewords and gear on guides is always incredibly rare unobtainable shit
>basically stuck playing only Summon Necro until I get runes to make an Infinity.
feels bad man

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I've had it drop fucking 10 or 20 times so far.
Been playing every night since a month ago and the only non-rare ring I have is a single Manald heal, every other fucking time it's this fucking cunt

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Got a lv68 sorceress. first time getting that high on sorc. I was bliz sorc for ages and just recently respecced when I got to Hell because of resistances. I'm Meteorb now and still having problems.
Everywhere I research online they say "Lvl60+ just do Hell Baal runs for exp". I'm still on Hell Act 1 and slowly struggling to get through it.
I'm pretty sure every lvling guide on the Internet assumes you have a Battle.net party leeching you through everything from what I read.
Where should I lvl? I feel like I need another 10 lvls or so.

Also I came to the realization that Sorc is a shit job for Countess runs (because of Fire/Bliz immunity & magic resistance). I really need the Hell Countess runes badly to save up higher runes for shit like Infinity. Should I temporarily respec into Lightning for Countess runs? I have a Hammerdin that's not far off from there, thinking of just using him to do Countess runs with instead.

tl;dr My first time in Hell as a caster, what do?
Only Hell characters i've had before were Hammerdins and Summon Necros.

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