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plenty were given in this thread

- for starters controls and physics are a fun-killer. I'm used to an idea that you may have to get used to moving around in a game. But when you learn strafe-jumping or double jumping or whatever in some arena FPS, it becomes fluid and fun. It is a rewarding experience. Not in this game it's not. It just keeps feeling awkward
- the pace is not right, but I'm not sure if I can get that down in objective terms
- the artificial difficulty, oh fuck that trial and error.

btw I have to admit platformers arnt't my favourite, so maybe I just don't know better. But here is a table of recommended NES platformers from another /vr/ thread. can't seem to find Mario brothers there.

I sincerely thank everyone on this thread, who expressed their honest opinion. I have no idea why I started this, perhaps it's the shock of childhood memories being shattered.
Everyone can go back to liking what they like. If you play this game to this day and believe it's not just the nostalgia, good for you. I believe you. I just hope you're not fooling yourself.

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I made this today, feel free to give feedback or more suggestions.

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