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I think it is, but my opinion is kind of biased - I played MWIV on Megadrive back then, and fell in love with it. SNES wasn't represented that well in my country, and I discovered Super Metroid years later through emulation.
But I will say once again - yes, it's charming, fun and feels like adventure. One of my all-time favourites.

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I finished it just fine when I was 10 years old.
Local cartridge seller got some nice stuff from Japan in the mail and got me Monster World IV because I was always asking for JRPGs for MegaDrive (all games in my country were bootlegs, so it was hard to find them).
>you'll BE curbstomped hard in the ice pyramid stage, starting with a 10 question long quiz that randomply picks from like maybe 20 or 30 variables
My dad helped me with this puzzle. He recorded questions to VCR and wrote key symbols on paper for me.
That's probably the hardest part, but I'm sure you can do it.
But at this point if I was you, I would buy an Everdrive.

Sorry for blogging, it's just one of my most favourite games, always happy to see it discussed. Have an Asha.

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My favorite.

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>has western virtual console, PSN and LBA release
>hg101 article
>part of well known localized series
Not that obscure in my opinion. But still cute.

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Well, I made a repro of it though

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