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I've finished Battletoads without safestates.
It was not worth it.
Also I've finished DMC3 on DMD with nothing but Nevan and Royal Guard.

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>Clinger Winger
You don't need a CRT for this one, but it is a frame precision, so good luck on getting that rhythm down. It might seem like you are doing everything perfectly, but still losing. And it's long. It's so FUCKING long. And there is a boss in the end as well.
>The Revolution
It looks amazing, and there are bunch of insta death traps. Lots of precision jumps, lots of small platforms disappearing. You will die, and die a lot, but it feels more fair after all that you've been through.
>Final Boss
Easiest boss in the game aside form the first one. If you get here with more than 2 lives - you won the game.
Anyway, NES Battletoads in the hardest game on the system that I've played and it can go fuck itself, I feel no satisfaction in beating that shit.
Just play Genesis version, from 3 levels that I've played it's not as ballbusting.
Fuck NES Battletoads.

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It helps to center your attention you sperg.
Anyway, the game is horseshit, but the last level is really fucking cool.
If you are reading this and never played Battletoads - play Genesis version, NES looks better, but steer clear.

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