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Yeah maybe I'll pick up a Vita if I want something for portable emulation. That thing has a wonderful D-Pad anyway.
But it's a shame Nintendo is retarded and didn't turn the Nintendo Switch Online service into a Netflix-esque library of their entire back catalogue because that would have saved me the trouble.

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Yoshi's Island is a Yoshi game, not Mario.

Probably SMB3 on All-Stars or SMB2 on All-Stars. Generally mario is graded like so:
SMB3>SMS>SMB2LL(AS)>>>SMW>64>>>>>SMB2USA>>>SMB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Donkey Kong (Arcade)>>Mario Bros. (Arcade)
Not a mario game.

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>doesn't like shitposting
>comes to 4chan
absolute geniuses.

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>usually the game ran at 5 fps because the programmer would just take the source code from the Spectrum and convert each Z80 instruction to its 6502 equivalent with no attempt to optimise anything

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>it's a "rains constantly in the park" episode

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Yeah I'll do some more research before pulling the trigger.
Once again, thank you very much.

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>enter marsh cave
>Shadows have LIT3

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>looking for a 240p downscaler to use with my CRT (being an Ausfag makes this hard, because of the small local pool of cheap ex-service equipment, expensive shipping, and retarded new import GST)
>manage to find a good one from a US Seller on eBay for $550; send an offer to him for $200
>he sends me a counter-offer (I can only assume accidentally) citing me $200, with a message that says "the price is fine but sorry no international shipping" - despite the eBay listing offering (rather cheap) shipping via the global network thingy
Would I have been a dick for accepting?

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>People think old consoles/games are worth a fuckton of money

Why? Unless it's in mint condition with all the packaging/manuals/etc. Is it just because it's old?

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>normie coworker is off talking about some YouTube video on old Japanese games he watched
>"Did you know that Famicom was the Japanese name for Super Nintendo?"
>He looked pissed off when I said it was NES

Fucking millenials

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>live action

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>Ness still didn't get to see his father

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I just bought a N64 without any hookups.
This, OEM controller, Horipad, or one of those $30 adapter things I've seen on eBay that let you connect a Game Cube controller?

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While I typically like to play on the original hardware as much as I can, I like to use the Retro Freak to translate my famicom/super famicom games or as a lazy way to play games in HD. That being said stay away from the Retron 5... every Hyperkin console I've bought ends up with bent snes/nes pins.

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Man, that reminded me of the first time I punched thin air in Doom.
>Think I was at the start of E2M2
>No enemies around in sight
>Running with my fists out
>Punch cause lolwhynot
>Demons screeching in the distance

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Was this ever released officially in English?
Seems weird to have a game with such incredibly high production values rotting aware in SE's back catalogue.

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