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>used a self-centering analog stick.
That is true. It was not the first though. I was wrong to say 'incorrect'. But my original statement still stands.

>A precursor to the D-pad also appeared on Entex's short lived "Select A Game" cartridge based handheld system;
A precursor, yes. It was 4 buttons arranged in a cross. Keyboards had stuff like that too back in the 70's. Its not quite a D-pad though. Just like the pad on the SG-1000 Mark II wasn't quite a thumbstick.

>>Controller includes a port for peripherals
>>Peripherals aren't released
>>Port somehow ceases to exist now
Pardon me, but I have never held one in my hands in real life. Consider me corrected. Do you happen to have a picture of the port? I have never seen it.

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