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How does /vr/ feel about Game & Watches?

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No, really, it's actually really nice.

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I actually won one of these way back in elementary school for selling more stuff than anyone in the whole school during a fundraiser...along with a bike and a bunch of other stuff.
Wish I still had it.

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First d-pad on donkey kong game and watch.

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To everyone who has used /vr/ for a while or who understands /vr/'s board culture, we're being infiltrated or raided on a daily basis by really low quality shitposts and bait posts.

A lot of these are not even well thought out and are almost /b/ tier posting or /v/ tier posting. These people just need to be ignored and we need to get some kind of self-filtration set up to avoid this kind of crap from proliferating the board.

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I've got one of these.

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