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Which /vr/ console had the worst launch experience and why is it the Sega Dreamcast in Australia and New Zealand?

>Cost AU$500
>Delayed several times, eventually launched in November in Australia and December in New Zealand
>New Zealand had two launch days, December 3rd and December 4th, because units failed to arrive at stores at the same time.
>Almost a complete lack of advertising before launch. When ad-posters were created, they were never shipped to retailers.
>At one point the distributor totally lost their shipment of Dreamcasts for two Australian states, only to find they were in an Ansett Airlines warehouse (in a third state)
>Even after the systems were found, they were shipped standby (i.e. whenever the airline had extra space) to save money so most stores had no stock on launch day
>Most of the launch titles weren't available even when the consoles were
>Games being shipped from Europe got stuck at customs due to labelling issues, then had to have their shrink wrap removed and Australian ratings stickers manually applied
>No first party titles were available on launch day
>Demo discs were unavailable with launch units and had to be collected from stores later
>Peripherals (including VMUs) were unavailable on launch day and wouldn't arrive in NZ until mid december/early 2000
>Internet wasn't ready until well into the year 2000 (and was never available in New Zealand), no access disk was included with launch systems
>30 hours before launch the local distributor signed an exclusivity deal with one of the most overpriced ISPs in Australia on a pay-per-hour plan
>No official magazine even though one was originally planned.
>33.6K modem shipped instead of 56K because the internet is "less busy" in Oceania
>Eventually they slashed the price and desperately tried to sell it off as one of those weird early-2000s "internet devices" because they'd screwed up marketing it as a console so badly. This didn't work either.

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