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I'm amazed by the staying power this design has, I dismissed it at first "oh yeah people will forget this halo shit as soon as the game drops" but it seems to stick around for some reason

I vastly prefer the classic design but eh I dont mind really

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How would you fix the Icon of Sin and Shub Niggurath boss fights?

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There should have been a more visual cue that the Shamblers and Vores and perhaps even the traps (in a display of reality bending) were being spawned by her, kinda like the Icon of Sin. Even if it wouldn't change anything in the gameplay, it would add a lot of flavor by making it look like Shub is actually fighting you in some way.

I thought it was some sort of power summoned by Ranger's runes.

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Thanks mate, let the quest for runes of power begin

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how about quake cute and creepy cartoonish monsters with cute sounds mod

cute :3

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Wow, one of the best single map wads I played, fresh monsters, cool looking weapon sprites, great map with lot of details, the boss fight was also intense with his impossible to dodge laser attack which forced you to take cover behind pillars constantly hiding into ground, making you vulnerable.

10/10 fantastic level

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