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Doesn't sound too hard if you already have a base to work with. If I can make over 200+ frames of Lydia from scratch, an archie edit sounds like a nice basic exercise in animation.

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A mod I've been shambling together from what basically started as a "What do you think of this sprite I made" thread. I still haven't thought of a good name and someone here named her Lydia and I ended up liking that. I wanted something like Metal Gear meets Perfect Dark, but that's so friggen far beyond my coding skills that this whole thing is really more of a doom art project. That's why it's always indev, I'm still trying to figure out coding.

Hehe lewd

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A hangover from her old sprite, which means I really should go back and fix the old one too when I get the time. I wish this stuff was more obvious to me while I'm working on it.

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