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Like was already answered above, the fire is a visual indication so you can quickly distinguish who's an ally

But you are correct, the resurrection is only temporary. They will die again after a few minutes. I headcanon it as "the good magic is possessing their corpses and forcing them to cooperate against their will"

Also, if you are new I'd encourage you to play without Ugly as Sin for now. It brings some changes that heavily alter the intended HD gameplay. Stealth is kinda borked OP in it. Slings spawning in the world take up valuable loot spots that are now useless for you (since you can only carry one at a time). And food/water rations will spawn in backpacks even if you have that Hunger module disabled. It has some cool ideas (like the laser sight and flashlight visual effect on enemies when they're in the dark) but needs more time in the oven imo.

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