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Done what? Repaired a model 1 Sega CD? I have. Surface mount caps are a bitch, they're not impossible to repair though. By "shitshow" I was referring to general reliability and I didn't think by "taking care of" you meant component replacement - except, apparently on the model one sega cd which you think can't be repaired?

Help me out here. I want to make you feel appreciated but I'm not sure exactly what specifically you're trying to boast about.

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This is one I regret not picking up in the 90s yes. Never saw it any lower than about $30 though.

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Model 1 Genesis/Sega CD

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There will be ups and downs but overall they'll continue to appreciate in the long term I assure you. Although as trends go at this point, you might consider turning those few very rare games into a more diversified collection. Uncommon games are likely to appreciate more (relatively) than the very rare games for the next few years. I think the cause is that as the hobby becomes more widely known, more of the very rare games get discovered. With something like Bubble Bobble 2, just a handful of copies turning up can noticeably effect the value while uncommon games are more consistent and more directly represent market trends.

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I was having trouble with Snatcher so I just went to Walmart and bought Sony brand CDRs with the record vinyl fascia on top. They worked fine in my X'Eye but it does have a different laser, the same as Saturn.

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wew lad

Model 2s just avoid the tray issue but they have the same weak electronics. He should get an X'Eye or Wondermega.

I'm sure someone you know can repair the tray for you. If it boots into its bios the caps are fine for now. Someone will charge you at least $50 and probably $70+ to recap it when and if you actually do need it done. You can find people with good reviews at this stuff on Amazon and even eBay but people on forums work cheaper if you can figure out a forum.

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Get an X'Eye and slap a Saturn laser in it. That's what I did. Cost me $19. Didn't even have to buy a laser because for some reason the laser I pulled out of the X'Eye worked in the Saturn I swapped to test it.

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We had a thread just this weekend I think on this very topic. Basically any name brand yuro CRT even from the early 90s should be capable of displaying NTSC. You WILL want a voltage converter of course

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If the only Saturn games you play are ones that are $15-$30 you're going to end up disappointed by Saturn.

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Furthermore, brushing aside Dark Souls as somehow irrelevant to the state of modern gaming makes me 1000% positive that you're a /v/-tier shitposter.

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Yeah you might as well just accept you're going to need to service any Sega CD or PCE/TG-CD you buy very soon even if it's sold "working". Better just buy one with an established problem and take care of it or a guaranteed actually refurbished one. Model 1s especially get leaking surface mount caps which are a motherfucker to replace unless you have legit electronics skills

Toldya. Lasers burn out just like light bulbs but otherwise X'Eyes are built well like 5th gen consoles. Glad you've got it running now though. Enjoy your almost bulletproof Sega CD experience.

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Nah, I generally don't drag stuff out and when I do I usually photograph them in my nicely lit bay window assuming it's light out or on my marble slab if it's not.

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I took my label-maker made name off my old ID for such purposes

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