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SEGA literally ran an ad campaign about how their marketing director was well aware of SEGA getting completely washed out of Japan's gaming market and more or less begging the Japanese public to like the Dreamcast. To say that the impetuous of this has nothing to do with the fact that SEGA was losing its grip in the market overseas is being very disingenuous. SEGA was always a distant third in the home console market in Japan and had to lean very heavily on its arcade and overseas sales to stay in the place that they were in the gaming industry. Trying to position the ads as something cute that SEGA did in the 90s and it not being borne of genuine anxiety is very rose-coloured view of things.

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>Wanting dub names

Literally no excuse for this retardation, it's even been re-dubbed with the right names a couple times since.

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Same boat, fren. Don't feel bad

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--And listen to arguably one of the best tracks in the franchise.



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