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this is awesome. thanks based OP

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I had a SNES growing up, so I can't really comment on the Genesis controls. But man! was the SNES controller tight as fuck. It was so satisfying.

Even to this day as I dust off my SNES and play some Super Mario World; the precision, the satisfying tactual response, the way it fits on your palm....makes ma' dick hard

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This is Mega Man if he was on the internet

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The arcades in London aren't as good as they used to - Funland was pretty much the go-to place but is now a shell of its former self.
It had a shitload of DDR machines, a fighting game section with linked SF4 machines and pretty much every other SF that came before that, some Metal Slugs, lots of Time Crisis, House of the Dead, pretty much everything you could want. it was HUGE.

It got closed down and now in its place is a one floor arcade with only a few of these games remaining and a lot of generic shit.

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