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>who's only here to stir shit up for no reason about something you clearly don't know anything about.
Aren't you doing the exact same thing right now? In fact I'd argue you instigated all of this with that opening statement.
I can't offer any arguments in God Hand's defense, I haven't played enough of it to really say much, other than I know the moveset customization is nuts.

I CAN argue that the gameplay of Chex Quest suffers slightly because it's too goddamn easy and the enemy roster is infinitely more limited compared to Doom's though. Also Noah's Ark 3D is an offshoot of Wolfenstein, not Doom.
Both of those games serve as a great "babby's first" entry though.

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Makes me think of Kid Chameleon.

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Oh no I don't want to shit on anyone's hard work. If a map is good, it's good. I don't mind where it comes from. Though it always makes me happy to see you boys getting together here to make something. I was mainly getting into this conversation to try and play devil's advocate about Revae being a big name or not.

I'm just kind of a third party on this particular topic.

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They are, one is OTG and the other port is DC/OTG. So I guess OTG is just for data transfer, whereas the DC/OTG is for charging or data transfar
That's a little weird. But at least it means I could theoretically hook this up to my computer to transfer shit without charging the battery.

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Never really thought of it that way. Just simple tweaks like that can certainly make weapons and mechanics feel distinct from each other.
I know I got a shotgun planned in the future that'll only pump after the player releases the fire button, so you'll need to use it in a rhythm to get the most out of it.

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Problem is negcon is such a huge advtange. Nobody actually owns the PC version I bet so realistically it means slamming the ps1 version through an emu and that is digital input regardless even if you map to your joystick. Hmmm I wonder what sort of shenanigans any decent emulator offers for mapping a negcon to analog stick, that would make things potentially extra spicy.

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(Offtopic post, my apologies)

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So Arcane Dimensions is not retro? Is the thing that makes it not retro is the fact it's a standalone being sold for money?

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>Melee hammer is good but kind of wish could keep one hammer in reserve when Ammo count is at 0 somehow
Now there's an idea.

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This might be the gadget I'm looking for, admittedly all I want to emulate is NES, SNES, gameboy shit, Genesis, and maybe playstation stuff.
Thanks for reminding me about this, anon, and you other guys dealing with my worrying and overthinking.

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What's the name of this one wad i remember playing where your in a bedroom in the middle of the night and there is a switch somewhere that opens the bathroom (or mirror or something) and when you go in you get teleported to this prison like room with crazy chainmen walking around with a lot of gore decoration I forgot the name of it but it was pretty awesome to play it again

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