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It's to make up for all the missed shots you'll be taking

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Too much fucking steel. I'd use more concrete slabs, plastic linings, etc. Also put in some carpeting here and there, and the occasional wood furniture. Probably also use more paint and coloring to make areas more distinct.
I quite like the hell levels.

I'd change up the weapons too, the chainsaw should be available earlier in the game (even if as a secret), the pistol should, to make up for its shit damage, be able to fire as fast as you can click, the shotgun should have a much tighter spread, so you don't have to use it as a fucking contact weapon to make it useful at all.
The subgun should fire in quick 3rd bursts, to set it apart from the chaingun, which should be able to feed from one continuous belt and fire twice as fast, to balance it, either maybe make it build up heat from a lot of sustained fire and it having to slow down or even stop once it gets really hot, or make some stronger enemies and bosses resistant (but not immune) to it's bullets.
I'd change the bounce behavior of the grenade, and the throwing and other physics, because it's such a fucking awkward weapon to use that always seems to bounce exactly how you don't want it. I'd also just put it on a quick button, rather than have it be selectable as its own individual weapon.
The plasma gun is actually quite fine, as is the BFG.
I'd change the firing sounds on the shotgun, subgun and rocket launcher.
The flashlight should just be done like in BFG edition: a Half-Life style charge and you can toggle it with a command, shining from over your shoulder.

I'd then color up the monsters some, to make them more visually distinct, I'd make a few of them a little more aggressive, and I'd probably have the Cyberdemon fight redone completely. Otherwise, the other bossfights aren't bad.

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>doom has good wea-

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The shotgun is utter garbage and frustrating, though

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this is disgusting

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