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I always felt bad for Tormentor667 as while he is an absolute machine when it comes to mapping I just never got into his maps.

UTnT was alright I guess, but from a technical standpoint he's amazing but a gameplay standpoint, not so much.
I'm considering donating to Realm667 though as it's great for resources.

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>mapping question, specifically texturing

1: When you're using texture packs, do you decide ahead of time what ones to use and pick them out and put them in your wad?
Or do you just load up a few texture packs into a wad, use the ones you want and then remove the unused ones at the end?
I'm considering the latter as even though the wad will balloon in size to a few dozen mb i'll be cutting all the fat later.

2: Any texture artists want to contribute something to my project (can credit you, of course). I'm wanting one or two textures of around the Hexen type, think a fire theme on a wall texture of Korax. Then another showing ancient writing. I'm building a tomb.

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That's one main thing I've been looking at, but I think a slow wall lower is going to be annoying for them. Right now I'm churning around them having to be more exposed to fire to reach the exit switch, whereas slower "kill everything" players would have cleared the space, removing the threat. A risk/reward kind of deal rather than a boxed in "you must kill all the monsters" one. This way more skilled speedrunners can get away with more monsters surviving to shave off time. However I can't make it entirely with speed running in mind as I don't play like that, but I can try as best I can inside the scope of the map. We'll see how it all turns out I guess.

I myself always play with the idea of killing everything in an encounter before moving on.
Anyway I don't want to give too many things away now otherwise I'll commit too much to them or feel like I'm spoiling things.
I mainly lurk but try to help when I can. Have to go now though so if you see me not replying it's not being rude, i'm just not here. Thanks for your thoughts friend.

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Does anybody remember the "Netherworld Citadel" from NoEndInSight.wad?

I wanted to like the level, the idea was cool, "big underground sprawling citadel". Even right at the end when it taunts you by showing you a bunch of rad suits to get to the hard to reach areas but I felt it was too directionless.

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