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Does anybody else listen to Doom radio?


I liked to listen to it while I'm editing stuff for Doom.

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>Plutonia 2
Ah, that's right.

>It continues the first's proud tradition of revenants fucking everywhere and shit teleporting in behind you constantly

Yes, I disliked Plutonia by the end because of exactly this. In fact Plutonia single handedly turned me off Revenants completely. So fucking god damn overused.

>don't know if this kind of design is typical, but it's pissing me off.
It's entirely typical for Plutonia, actually.
It's meant to be double plus hard too but I liked Hell Revealed I and II for that sort of shit.

Hit up Alien Vendetta, I think you'll like it more. Or some of the community chest wads.

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Hey that fixed it, thanks a lot for that brostronaught.

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>i'm glad it exists, because all the other doom forums on the net, this one included, seem entirely focussed on newschool stuff. if it weren't for doomworld, classic mapping, and all engines other than g/zdoom, would die.

I'm >>1166821

I agree with this so much, to me doom purism should remain the sort of "parent" culture of doom, the standard.

Though experimentation and modding is what has had doom spread out as much as it has. How many video game communities can claim to be as active as doom's given it's age? Not many.

Zdoom features are not bad, badly used zdoom features are bad. Same with custom assets (such as monsters). Shitty massive randomizers gobbling up everything in R667 does not make R667 monsters "overused". It's about how you use them. Personally though to me they would be like salt and pepper, nice if you put a bit on but it's shit if you pour it in.

>doomworld doesn't like maps that only need zdoom due to the author being clueless about vanilla's limitations such as not being able to put walls on floors and so on. or maps that are basically like a 1994 vanilla wad but with a completely unnecessary cutscene or script. well, to be honest, i don't think anyone likes those.

I was originally going to do it in an older style, but I wanted fully 3d bridges, sideways opening doors and the boss to have a health meter so players know if their gun is actually doing something.

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