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Nothing 'went wrong', it's merely a product of its time and the technical limitations of that period. Yeah the gameplay is repetitive and the level design is labyrinthine, but there was no groundwork laid prior to development to indicate what worked and what didn't for the genre. Wolf 3D is still enjoyable in short bursts of play, but becomes tiresome after a while.

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This is conspiracy by Gerald Brom to slander Doomguy's respectable haircut

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In the case of a standard 32 map mega-wad, when do you THINK is it appropriate to give the player each of the weapons? Either naturally found or as secrets.
>Chainsaw: anytime, likely as a secret
>Shotgun: map01, always
>SSG: ~map10, or as early as ~map03 as a secret (since it's such a powerful crutch weapon)
>Chaingun: map01-03
>Rocket launcher: ~map10, or as early as ~map05 as a secret
>Plasma cannon: ~map15, or as early as ~map10 as a secret
>BFG: ~map20, or as early as map15 as a super secret
Obviously this is gonna change on a per wad basis, and you'll probably get most of the weapons in the first 10 maps anyway, but I'm curious to hear about how you lot weigh and consider weapon introductions. I thought of this because of how often older FPS games will stash away double barrel shotguns, rocket launchers, and other high tier weapons in secrets on the very first level for clever players. Doom 2 has the rocket launcher secret, Duke does the same, Marathon 2 has one of the dual-wield shotguns in a secret, and a few others do similar things, I just found it interesting that many games will hide powerful weapons like that on the very first level.

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. . .
Really makes you UNF.

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>Get inspired and think of a map idea
>Figure out the general idea and sketch some of it out to get a basic concept
>Start thinking of what music I should use for the map
>Have an idea for a few songs but can't decide which would be best
>Just keep flipping back and forth between songs trying to envision the map in my head thinking which would be best for it but can't decide on anything yet
The map in supposed to be a bit more on the ambient and alien side so I'm trying to choose a song from Marathon that would best fit that, especially since the map itself is inspired by a Marathon map.

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I need more Doomguy faces. They make great emotes, even the defaults.

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