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>Billy's scores have been confirmed to still be valid by Guinness

Haters btfo.

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>How are two people who got world records in front of crowds "fake" because they were in a fakeish documentary?
Controversy right now is whether Billy used a MAME emulator to set his Donkey Kong score. And if he did, that means Billy could have cheated with save states and a doctored film of the footage.

Billy is an amazing gamer who doesn't need to cheat, but it's possible he was so desperate to keep his Donkey Kong high-score that he resulted to such tactics. Akin to Barry Bonds taking steroids--he was already a fantastic ballplayer before hand.

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>tfw you will never be as good at retro games as Billy Mitchell

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The man, the myth, the legend.

Say what you want about Billy Mitchell, but he is amazing. He does things in video games the average person only dreams of. (Beating Pac-Man comes to mind.)

But why didn't he play Steve Wiebe at the Funspot arcade? Billy said it best himself: "Video games are meant to be played in a competitive environment, under pressure, and organized. Were you have to perform, literally, on demand. If you don't play when you have to play—if you don't play when the pressure's on—you're really not good enough."

Steve Wiebe's original hi-score being investigated, to the point of strangers entering his home, triggered Steve to show up at a public arcade and prove his playing abilities. Only for Billy to send in a sketchy VHS tape (which was accepted as an official score by Twin Galaxies only ten minutes later) and take away Steve's crown.
Why hold back submitting a score? How long did Billy have that hi-score recorded on his VHS tape? Why wait all that time to submit your new score, just to rob someone of their moment?
And submitting a VHS tape is kinda strange, considering it was done by someone so passionate about playing in front of others.

Billy wouldn't associate with Steve when he saw him playing at Funspot. Steve wanted to greet him, chat with him, play him, etc. So Billy walks up behind Steve and says: "There's certain people I don't want to spend too much time with."

Why couldn't he play Steve a round of Donkey Kong, or at least had a conversation with him? Billy's top score would have still remained—it wouldn't have hurt him.

The irony? Steve Wiebe now holds a higher score at Donkey Kong than Billy Mitchell.

I'm a fan of Billy's playing skill, but come on.

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