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Hi anons.

Last summer here I was trying to lead a SMW collaboration hack here, in a similar vain to the ones held on 5channel and other places. I sadly had to step out for medical reasons, although certain things have recently drawn me back (those main things being the release of Lunar Magic 3.0 which allows for huge levels both vertically and horizontally along with the amazing JUMP 1/2 Hack). When I first ran the project, we got some support with a few levels contributed, although there was some debate about which direction to take the hack as certain anons wanted to fill the game with ASM and others wanted to go for a purely vanilla aesthetic. Creating a hack here with certain anons would certainly be a nice experience, and now that my medical issues have cleared I'd still be happy to lead it.

The main thing I wished to discuss in this introductory post is mainly the direction of the hack itself and how to set up certain content. The main thing we settled on in the end prior was a hack that was mainly Vanilla (ie, no major asm) in nature so that we could feasibly complete it, and then expand into ASM later on much like the VIP series on 5channel. Certain exceptions could be allowed here and there such as gfx that don't alter the game much, or custom music. Ideally I would say this would more than likely be the best case, especially if the hack only ends up being 30 or so exits as I had initially planned. When ran last year, we got around 6 or so levels completed within the first three weeks, and a lot of anons generally showed much interest in the project itself.

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