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my favorite part of that game is this, though i absolutely hated it as a kid. it actually feels like art.

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I remember some anon who said he beat this, and that the indiana jones level requires absurd amounts of memorization and trial and error.

Personally I only rented this game, and I remember passing some of the levels, which were easy, like the flying bartman stage, or the one you pop-up viruses and bacterias, but then bartzilla or indiana jones stage fucked me up badly.

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I'm obviously talking about the 3D segments, it doesn't apply to 2D platformers where you do have to calculate how high and far you want to jump or you might fuck up and fall. Not on crash, you just run forward and press jump.
When there's some sort of platforming action going on, it boils down to jump from platform to platform and in the end it just feels like pic related. There's no real depth to it.
The sidescrolling sections are better but there's many, so many better 3D sidescrollers than Crash's. Tomba and Klonoa both make Crash look like some amateur work with wonky hitboxes and repetitive design.
And and there is still nothing interesting about Crash's controls and physics even on side-scroller sections. It's the same shit. The taz-mania devil twist move gets old fast and is overpowered, enemies are never a threat in this game.

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