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Honestly, weapons and monsters are comparatively quick and easy to toss together compared to entire levels, though that also depends on how complex said levels or monsters/weapons are. It involves the same basic hurdle though - learning how shit works. I've said it numerous times in previous threads, but the best way to get into it is to just dive in - grab some monsters that act at least somewhat like how you want yours to act off R667, go poke around in their decorate files while having the Zdoom wiki open at the same time to figure out what the hell everything is doing, then try some reverse-engineering magic and see what you come up with. Start small with some basic monsters or weapons (I recommend monsters since they're more straightforward, at least in my eyes), then work your way up with complexity in either functionality or visual fluff.

Unless, of course, you also intend to make your own sprites. That's a whole 'nother monster that I can't help you with, and it DOES take time and commitment to make a good-looking sprite set. Again though, it also depends on the complexity of what you're doing - you could start by just slamming different sprites together to concoct new abominations.

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