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The entire Sonic franchise should have been replaced with the special stages. Prove me wrong.

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Can we all agree Sanic special stages peaked with 2?

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Also, why didn't they do this:

>take the faux 3D stuff from Sonic 2 (pic related)
>make it real 3D with stunning graphics and speed
>steal the whole Mario Kart-style gameplay, but with the Sonic universe (rings to collect, shields, Green Hill Zone-themed levels, dank music, etc.)
>add 2-player / 4-player mode
>call it Sonic Racing
>do so before Nintendo releases his Nintendo 64
>get a ton of shekels

Then do the same with a top-class Sonic 3D fighting game (even better than Virtua Fighter), etc. Milk the fuck out of Sanic instead of leaving the masses waiting for games.

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