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Saying this would have gotten you labelled the thread retard in any DOOM community back in the old days.

>i've been playing DOOM for so long an entire generation of mod players just up and disappeared and the newfags don't even understand what made the community tick
ah fuck i feel old

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>Start planning out and begin creating my map
>Hour and a half has passed and I'm still outlining the map and it dawns on me just how long it'll take to finish
I uh... Probably got too ambitious here. I'm gonna go ahead and save that one for another time and start over.

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Oh boi here we go.

I hate doom 2. I want to like it but i just can't. The level design and the aesthetics in the same are a major fucking setback from doom 1, if that makes any sense.

Also i really like nudoom, so you guys probably shouldnt take my opinion too seriously

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