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Sorry brostronaught, I tried.

Glad you found what you were looking for.

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Yes, sadly. I shall explain.
They defend their stupid position by pointing to extremes as well, thats why I mention Aeons of Death so much, it's their go to.

I see it happening because there are 2 main camps for doom modding.

Those who see doom as a framework to build a shooter experience around, generally sticking closer to DooM itself (the next step up from that is making a TotalConversion).
An example of a wad with this view is the any gameplay mod, shores of Zdoom, Aliens TC and Unloved to a lesser extent.

Guys who think DooM has to be kept entirely as doom was around time of release. The same spirit of design as it were. Anything else is heresy. Wads of their favorite are ''doom the way ID did". Or other big megawads that only need a limit removing port.


I like both types really, in fact I lean in play time terms more towards camp 2 but I intend to make a map that uses GZDoom features (colored sectors).

The problem is that there are elements in camp 2 who are *extremely*...*deeply* protective of what DooM is and ultimately they serve to strangle creativity out of potential modders with their utterly toxic behavior because they will never agree to disagree.

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