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> "When I absolutely had the good fortune to get the score on Donkey Kong and I turned around, one of the people shaking my hand, one of the people patting me on the back was Pete Bouvier, owner of Twin Galaxies," he said to McDonald.

>But during the announcement of his high scores on 6 August 2010 in Ottumwa, Iowa, Mitchell said Bouvier wasn't in the room: "There was a lot of hugs and kisses and hooting and hollering, and from Twin Galaxies, Pete, was on the phone, and Pete was on his way over," he said.

>The interview ended with Mitchell having put forth no substantive defence against the analysis of the gameplay videos. Instead, he focused on the lost video tape of the Boomers high score which he claims will exonerate him if it is located. Twin Galaxies has not made a final decision on the dispute.

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