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and here comes the pathetic ninceldrone shill to lecture us on how we shouldn't want anything other than mario/zelda/animal crossing forever.

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Keep crying bitch nigga.

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>Arguing is arguing. Quality of arguments is irrelevant.
This site descends into non-quality arguments more often than not. I don't have a "problem" with it, I'm just pointing out that men can be motivated by reasons other than authentic interest in a hobby much in the same women can be. When you see a Zoomer girl on Instagram posing with an NES Zelda cart and calling herself a nerd, probably a safe assumption she's doing it for some kind of attention. When I see a poster here or on some other site criticize someone for their taste and attempt to show off their knowledge, it's a pretty safe assumption they are also doing it for attention, in the form of either impressing neophytes or hoping to make another hobbyist feel inferior. Why would anyone care what someone else listens to, watches, and how they listen to and watch that content? No quality discussion can come out of "taste wars." Why should I care if someone likes an album I think is shitty and why should I waste my time trying to "prove" something as abstract as artistic quality to them (i.e. "Dude, you're such a pleb for liking that!"). "Well, maybe you'll enlighten them to liking 'better' music and movies!" Who the fuck made me the arbiter of good taste? I like what I like for subjective reasons, just like everyone else.

"Arguing" in this context is tenuous because of that subjectivity. There's really no point to it. What exactly is someone trying to achieve when they call someone a moron for liking this thing over that? Do they really think the person they're arguing with is going to stop enjoying things?

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