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We need to talk more Half-Life in this thread.

Anyway, HL1 has a shitload of excellent singleplayer mods. Here's what I think are the absolute cream of the crop of goldsource mods, with little write-ups for each:

USS Darkstar- The mod that started it all. The first big HL1 mod that garnered enough attention to be packaged in every PC Gamer magazine and for Valve to show it at the first Half-Life ModExpo at San Francisco in 1999. Same HL1 gameplay but in a totally fresh setting: DEEP SPACE

Afraid of Monsters- You know Cry of Fear? Before that dude made a standalone game out of goldsrc, he made this when he was still 14. It's an intense action horror experience with a LOT of jumpscares and heavy influence by Silent Hill and Jacob's Ladder. Get the Director's Cut and play with the lights off.

Poke646- Before HL2 was even teased at E3, this mod was released with the premise being that you're an average Joe caught in the events after HL1's resonance cascade. Awesome urban level design and lots of new weapons.

Halfquake, Halfquake Amen, Halfquake Sunrise- Mods with a huge emphasis on challenging you and twisting your balls with apeshit goldsrc difficulty. The first game is straightforward in its premise, but after that, the games start to build their own sort of sadistic metaphysical universe. I haven't seen anything like it in any other game.

They Hunger 1, 2, and 3- A horror mod that was also endorsed (or created? i forget) by PC Gamer magazine that successfully encapsulates the atmosphere of the schlocky but still spooky Romero zombie films. Don't expect it to be nearly as scary as AoM but it's still a damn fun romp.

Azure Sheep- Like Blue Shift, but better in every way. The resonance cascade through the perspective of Barney. New voice acting, great storyline. An absolute classic.

Point of View- Made by the same dude that made Azure Sheep, you play as a vortigaunt during the Xen invasion on Earth. It's badass and the weapons are really creative.

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