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I'm going to replace the Flak Gun because it's really completely impotent as a replacement for the BFG9000.
Anything that throws just a little bit of slaughter at you renders the Flak gun useless, because it can't put out massive hurt fast enough to matter, it's completely dwarfed by the launcher and hand grenades, like there's encounters in TNT Revilution where you're supposed to use the BFG9000, and the Flak Gun just can't do what's needed. It can hurt you if you're not careful, but that's a smaller problem compared to the fact that it can't hurt enemies enough, rarely do I kill myself with it, mostly I'm killed because the Flak isn't enough to kill who's trying to kill me.

It can really hurt one or even a few strong monsters pretty good in certain situations, but if there's many it won't cut it, and it's actually pretty dangerous to use against the big bosses because you kind of need to get closer, and they can sort of 'stomp' at you, while also putting you that close to the bouncing flak puts you at risk, so you need to be careful how you move, which isn't good against the cyberdemon because just one or two (of his REALLY fast) rockets is enough to completely destroy you at full health, you need speed when you're close to him.

I kind of dislike doing this, because back when ICD was new, and I was a little shit, I thought the Flak Gun was really cool (because it's a super deadly version of the Duke Nukem shotgun), but one thing I kept running into in years of quiet amateur modding is that I kept just throwing in everything and the kitchen sink, and I really have realized over the years that bloating your arsenal with lots of superfluous weapons is bad, it kills flow, and I can't find a good spot for this weapon that the others don't fill better.

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I guess I'll give you all a look at this.

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