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Assemble a Pi (or Mister if you care about the quality of their upbringing and future character) and load it up with NES, SNES, Genesis and arcade cores, basically 2D games with that a quick to understand the controls and don't require reading skills would be a good start.

But whatever you do, do not expose them to the N64 in any way, shape or form, don't turn your kid into a N64-kid! It's scientifically proven that the correlation between having been a N64-kid and adult display of beta-cøck søy-mouthritis with male-feminist S.I.M.P creeper syndrome comorbidity is so evident that leading researchers are starting to believe it's developmental late-onset damage directly stems from exposure to the N64 in formative years.

<--- View attached picture for medical examples of N64-kid syndrome, viewer discretion advised.

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Real grown-ups play arcade and computer games, not kiddy nintenshit consoles.

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You forgot the 3rd and most prominent type: The N64-Kid.

These assholes had the N64 as their first console and fucking HATE the NES and SNES because it's not 3D (only 2D exception is Pokemon, and ONLY Pokemon), yet they claim to be the hardcore "Nintendo fans". Think I'm fucking with you? Just take a look at the posts on /vr/ this past week or even in this thread for evidence, they HATE 2D and anything before the N64.

Why the fuck are these assholes even counted as "retro gamers", if you only like one "retro" console and it's the one with only 3D games, in the 6th generation, at the very ass end of what's considered "retro", and have such disdain for 2D graphics and gameplay, then you're literally at odds with what EVERYBODY else love and consider "retro".

Fans of every other 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of consoles love 2D, PSX and Saturn have a lot of 2D games that's on their GOAT lists, heck even zoomers love 2D. I suggest we ban the N64 from /vr/, they don't like us and we don't like them, let's help them set up /n64/ so they'll have their own little enclosure they can harp on about the same fucking 3 games their console had while munching crayons.

Oh, and you know that "manchild" stigma we've gotten as gamers? The N64-Kid. But now "grown up" and leaching onto everything "gamer", plastering their basedfaces all over the internet while working at Polygon, Kotaku and other safe-spaces.

Fuck the N64-Kid.

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Trying to appeal to that Switch soiboi audience.

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at least they didn't get a nintendo for christmas and grow up to be something like pic related

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>Nintendo fans
>fucked up adults
huh never seen that before

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this zoomer shit looks like its made for 5 year olds

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Sega had video game aesthetics, Nintendo has brightly colored toys for toddlers aesthetics

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This, Nintendo has always had it backwards after the SNES.

>The priority of first party, primary controllers
Should be as simple, intuitive and natural as possible without cutting out core features. It should also require as little explanation as possible and ideally feel familiar to people who've played the previous generation's console.
>The priority of secondary optional controllers - first or third party
Basically anything else should be welcomed. This is where it makes sense to think outside the box or specialise to certain niches/functions.

Sony/Sega understood this back then, and Sony/Microsoft understand this today. The only reason Nintendo gets away with it is because their fan base follows the same herd mentality as Apple's. Just like Apple fans they will treat gimmicks as creative genius, and gladly pay extra for functionality that should have been offered in the original product (i.e apple's headphone adaptors, wii and switch's 'pro'/'classic' controllers).

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I'd choose an autistic sonicfan for a son over the the nu-male basedboys who lust after the switch anyday.

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>he thinks it's just a meme

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